Over-Inkers Anthology

A mental-health focussed anthology, spreading real stories to help others feel less alone. All the profits from Issue #1 go to Blood Cancer UK



'A Helping Hand'


I'm looking for stories about what helps you get through hard times. Do you have a friend or companion who has always been there for you? Or, maybe a stranger helped you out on a bad day?
I want to hear your stories of who/what helps you get through the challenging moments.


Comics between 2-8 pages long.
 A4 format, CMYK, 300dpi.


If you are an artist/writer looking for a partner, you first need to register interest and send me your pitch: if you are a writer, tell me your idea; if you are an artist, send me examples of your work. This doesn't need to be fully formed at this point, don't worry. Email [email protected]; include your name and WRITER or ARTIST in the subject line. For example, "R.E.BURKE - ARTIST".
If I like your idea and think I can see a good match for you, then I will let you know by June 11th. After that, writers have until the end of June to write their story. 
**Note: the final story does not need to be in script form, it could be prose if you find this easier. However, if you have specific ideas for visual elements, you might want to include these as notes for the artist.**
Artists will then have a month to convert their words into a visual narrative. It is up to you how much you want to work together, and if you are happy to share contact details with each other.

Comic makers
Email [email protected]; include your name(s) and the title of your work in the subject line, for example, 'R.E.BURKE - UNTITLED'. Please attach your comic with each page as an individual PNG.

If you need extra support in your application, please email [email protected] with your questions or concerns.


Deadline: Midnight, 12th Feb 2023
Theme: Strength

I'm looking for stories about a time when you were strong.

This can be physical or mental. For example, did you work really hard towards a specific goal? Overcome a fear? Get through a really rough patch? Make a hard decision?

ALSO... have a story but not a comic-maker? Or are you an artist without a story? I want to accommodate you! I will try to pair you up if I decide I want to include your art/story.